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Demos gracias por nuestra violencia, dijo, aunque sea estéril
como un fantasma, aunque a nada nos conduzca,
tampoco estos caminos conducen a ninguna parte.

Fragmento de El gusano, Roberto Bolaño (via poesianoerestu)


Die Sünderin 1951 - Director: Willi Forst

Hildegard Knef, Gustav Fröhlich, Robert Meyn, Andreas Wolf

Die Sünderin 1951 […more Images]

Hildegard Knef plays the prostitute Marina, who is “reformed” by her love for the incurably ill painter, Alexander (played by Gustav Fröhlich). After a brief period of happiness, Alexander is faced with impending blindness. At his request, Marina assists him in his suicide, and then follows him in death. The Church took exception to the suicide scene, to the “transfigured representation of unsanctioned union,” and to Marina’s prostitution. There were calls for boycott, demonstrations, and death threats against Hildegard Knef. Despite, or because of, all this, the film was seen by two million Germans in the first three weeks.